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Shippensburg Police officer honored by Cumberland County Chiefs of Police Association

3 January 2012No Comment
The Cumberland County Chiefs of Police Association had their 2011 awards banquet at the Allenberry Playhouse on Dec. 21.

Officer Eric Varner from Shippensburg Police Department, Trooper Kenneth Tallman from Pennsylvania State Police, Carlisle Barracks, and Officer Andrew Wolfe from Middlesex Township Police Department, were nominated by their respective chiefs and received the Award for Exceptional Service for 2011.

Officer Varner and Trooper Tallman received the Exceptional Service Award for their lengthy investigation of the Michael Cloudy case.

Cloudy is charged in connection with several incidents dealing with female college studentsí residences being broken into between 2002 and 2011 in Shippensburg borough and Shippensburg Township. He was arrested in June.

Michael Cloudy is charged with 17 counts of Burglary, 2 counts of attempted burglary, 7 counts of criminal trespass, 8 counts of stalking, 3 counts of terroristic threats, 6 counts of indecent assault, 10 counts of attempted indecent assault, 3 counts of harassment, 1 count of loitering and prowling at night time, and 8 counts of disorderly conduct.

Officer Andrew Wolfe received the award for his investigation of two suspicious individuals on motorcycles behind a building. After stopping the individuals it was found that there were three and not two individuals. Officer Wolfe ran a check of the individuals and everything came back negative.

Officer Wolfe then continued to talk to the individuals. He requested permission to check their backpacks which they gave. During the search he found PC tablet with a serial number


Officer Wolfe took a picture of the PC with his cellphone. The other individual had several items with Amazon.Com ID on them. Officer Wolfe went to the nearest Amazon Warehouse to check out the serial numbers.

Amazon Warehouse security verified that the items had been stolen from their location. The continuing investigation leads to two other individuals being involved. It seems the individuals had stolen over $500,000 worth of merchandise. The investigation leads to the recovering of over $100,000.

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