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Fred A. Scott, Chief of Police


60 West Burd Street ~ Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257 ~ Department: 717.532.7361 Fax: 717.532.2313

          Please pull over to the right for lights and siren....whether they are coming up behind you or driving on the other side of the road...Please pull over toward the right hand side for lights and siren         

Business Security

How to reduce the possibility of a business burglary

Listed below are some steps that anyone could follow to help with the security of their business:

1. Install lighting at the front and back as well as near any side doors of your business. Try to eliminate as many shadows as possible.

2. Use only solid core doors. Be sure the door frames cannot easily be jimmied.
3. Use deadbolts and be sure to change the locks every time an employee with access to them leaves.
4. Install burglar-resistant glass or use wire mesh or iron bars over all glass.
5. Arrange merchandise so that a passerby can see into the store. Keep your expensive merchandise away from the windows,
toward the center of the store.
6. Keep front windows free from posters, etc., which can prevent a burglar inside from being seen by a passerby.
7. Install and use a drop safe. Limit the amount of cash in the register and post signs indicating that a drop safe is used and register only has limited cash.
8. Check ventilation system to ensure it can not be used to gain entry.



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