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Fred A. Scott, Chief of Police


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Mr. Toby Coy is hereby presented the Shippensburg Citizens award for 2007.

On 4 February 2007, at approximately 6:00 P.M. as Mr. Toby Coy was returning to his Seneca Street home, he observed several youth just standing around on the street.  Additionally, he detected some mist from a spray paint lingering in the air near those individuals.  He stopped to ask the individuals what they were doing.   At that time he noticed a bag containing paint cans. Sensing Mr. Coy did not believe their explanation as to why they were there, the individuals started to run away.  Mr. Coy was able to detain two of the individuals until an officer was able to respond.

Mr. Coy’s action led to the arrest of three individuals and consequently, the investigation from this led to the name of another young individual that was spray painting numerous buildings within the borough.

Since Mr. Coy’s action there has not been a report of any new spray painting within the borough.


Fred A. Scott, Chief

Shippensburg Police Department

May 17, 2007


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