Shippensburg Police Department


Fred A. Scott, Chief of Police


60 West Burd Street ~ Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257 ~ Department: 717.532.7361 Fax: 717.532.2313

          Please pull over to the right for lights and siren....whether they are coming up behind you or driving on the other side of the road...Please pull over toward the right hand side for lights and siren         



Family Communications Plan


Family Communications Plan

A family communication plan, prepared in advance, can help loved ones stay in touch in the event of a sudden disaster or other emergency.

Your communication plan should include contact information for family members and/or close friends in your community, as well as a nearby neighbor. You should also establish an out-of-town contact. For each of these people, list the following information:



         home phone

         work/school phone

         cell phone


         other means of contact

Choose a spot in your neighborhood where family members can gather if your home must quickly be evacuated. Designate another location in the community to go to if family members are away from home and unable to gather at your neighborhood meeting place. Include these on your plan.

Make copies and give them to everyone on your list, with instructions to keep the plan with them at all times, in a purse, wallet or backpack. Place copies in your vehicles' glove boxes and in your home. Emphasize the need to contact one another as soon as it is safe and possible after a disaster strikes.

Update your plan on a regular basis.



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