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Parking Citations


What is a Parking Citation, and how is it different from a parking ticket?

If a car is parked illegally in Shippensburg borough, a Parking Enforcement or Police Officer can record the vehicle tag number and description, issue a parking ticket, and place it in the windshield of the vehicle. If the fine on the ticket is paid within the specified time period (5 days), there are no additional costs and the case is closed.

However, if a ticket is issued and not paid, the ticket information is sent to PennDOT to obtain vehicle registration information. When this information is returned to the Police Department, a Citation is filed with the District Court, which then sends out a Summons to notify the Defendant of the charge, fines, and costs.


What if I didn't get the original ticket?

The owner of a motor vehicle has the obligation to abide by all laws governing the operation of that vehicle. A Citation, which carries fines and Court costs, can be issued for the violation of any pertinent law, including parking ordinances. A parking ticket, allowing payment of fine only, is issued as a courtesy extended for a limited time period. Understanding that the parking ticket delivery system is imperfect, and that it is nevertheless your responsibility to park legally, you have the right to call the Police Department at 717-532-7361 anytime you have parked illegally and ask them to run your plate number to find out if a ticket was issued to your vehicle.    


What if I already paid the original ticket?

If you believe a Citation was issued for a ticket which you paid, please contact the Police Department at 717-532-7361 to track whether your payment was properly applied to your ticket. Meanwhile, the time limits for responding to the Court for your Citation remain in effect.


What if I was not the driver of the car?

If you give someone else permission to drive your car, be aware that parking violations are the responsibility of the owner of a motor vehicle, and Parking Citations can only be issued to the registered owner of that vehicle. The driver can appear as a fact witness at trial.

If you wish to enter a plea of Guilty, but have the driver assume responsibility for time payments of the fines and costs. Note: The tickets remain in the owner's name.    


Why are the Citation costs so much higher than the fine for the original ticket?

The original ticket was issued as a courtesy allowing payment of the fine only for a limited period of time. If the ticket is not paid in a timely fashion, and the information is sent to PennDOT for a Citation to be issued and filed with the Court, the matter will include Court costs. Among those costs are items marked J.C.P. (Judicial Computer Project), and A.C.J. (Access to Justice), which are statewide Citation costs.     


Can I get points on my license for parking tickets?

Parking tickets are not recorded on your driving record and no points are assigned.    


I didn't receive the Citation because it went to the wrong address. Now I am told there is a Warrant for my arrest. Is that right?

The address on a parking Citation is the address on file with PennDOT for the registered owner of the motor vehicle in question. It is the owner's responsibility to notify PennDOT of a change in address within 15 days.

It is not the Police Department‘s responsibility to update addresses. Even if you gave the Court a different address for a previous payment plan, any new tickets will not be automatically updated by the Court. It is PennDOT that must have your current address in order for it to be used on any new Citations.    


Now there is a Warrant for my arrest. Am I really going to be arrested for a Parking Citation(s)?

A Warrant issued for failure to respond to a Parking Citation, or to make required payments after a Guilty disposition for a Parking violation, is a valid warrant which will be treated like any other active arrest warrant.


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