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          Please pull over to the right for lights and siren....whether they are coming up behind you or driving on the other side of the road...Please pull over toward the right hand side for lights and siren         




What is VASCAR?
VASCAR is an acronym for Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder. VASCAR is an electronic speed timing device. It is a computer which can measure a vehicle’s speed by dividing the distance the vehicle traveled by the time it took it to travel the distance.

Will a radar detector detect VASCAR?
VASCAR emits no detectable signals. It is not a radio frequency device and therefore does not produce microwave emissions.

Can VASCAR only be used where there are white lines painted on the road?
No. VASCAR has various modes of operation. The speed of a vehicle can be determined when being followed by a patrol car, passing a patrol car going the opposite direction or when the vehicle being clocked is following a patrol car.

Is VASCAR only used for speed enforcement?
No. VASCAR is connected to the odometer module of the patrol car and therefore can be used to accurately measure various distances such as those at an accident scene. VASCAR can also be used to determine the elapsed time between one moving vehicle and another to determine if a vehicle is following too closely.

Where can I find out more information about how VASCAR works?
The manufacturer’s web site provides detailed information about VASCAR’s operation and methods of use at



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